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    Machine Tools Supply

    Reducing Cost to Manufacture is our specialty

    Do you need to reduce your manufacturing costs?

    We can help with NO capital investment from you.

    Our Service Will Reduce:

    • Usage Costs of Tooling and Supplies
    • Operator Walk-around time
    • Downtime due to Stock-outs
    • Purchasing and Shipping Costs
    • Inventory Carrying Costs

    And Increase:

    • Accountability
    • Visibility of Tooling and Supply Inventory
    • Data Collection

    Call us for a consultation today

    Premier AutoCrib Distributor


    We are recognized as a premier distributor of AutoCrib Industrial Vending Systems



    Government Contractors, Commerical Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Recreational and Fluid Control

    Companies and Customers


    Companies benefitting from our vending and inventory control systems

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